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Pacers Welcome Bucks, Chance To Play Again Tonight

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After a horrible loss like the Indiana Pacers suffered in Philly on Wednesday, the players can't wait to get back on the court with a chance to wipe that memory away. Like when you play a video game and it starts going south, you just want to hit the reset button and start fresh.

Well, consider the Milwaukee Bucks the reset button for the Pacers.

The fresh start never guarantees success, but the focus on the task at hand and attention to detail ought to be heightened tonight with a shot at redemption in front of the home fans.

Milwaukee brings with them plenty of problems for the Pacers, starting with explosive point guard Brandon Jennings who can dart around with the ball like a fire fly and put up big numbers if you let him get it going. Then in the middle, Andrew Bogut will offer Roy Hibbert a stern test of his progress from last season. Before getting hurt last year, Bogut gave private lessons to Hibbert on post-play efficiency, including a memorable 31 points, 18 rebound and 3 block night in the first of four wins the Bucks had over the Pacers last season.

Considering last season's sweep, this game will serve as a measuring stick, not only for Hibbert, but for the whole team considering the Bucks are off to a dreadful 1-4 start. This is the type of home game the Pacers need to win if they want consider surpassing 40 wins this year.

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