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IC Cold Links: Hibbert Vents After Pacers' Weak Effort Against Sixers

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As much as the first three games indicated that maybe this Indiana Pacers team was different from last year, it only took two pathetic quarters last night to reveal they are still a work in progress and prone to fatal lapses in execution.

The stagnant first half brought back memories of the absolute no-show last season in Miami. In fact, if the Pacers were playing in Miami last night instead of Philly, a fifty-point deficit wouldn't have been out of the question.

The only tinge of a silver lining from last night's cloudy performance, was Roy Hibbert standing up after the game and demanding more from his team. He didn't push off blame or throw anyone under the bus, he just  voiced his displeasure with the whole outing to the media. Then he went straight to the fans and tweeted his frustration, apologizing for the clunker on behalf of his teammates.

You know it was a bad night when a post-game rant highlights the evening, but it could be worse. We could've heard the normal, droopy collection of "we have to do better" responses. Gvie Hibbert credit for taking on some vocal leadership in the locker room. Hopefully that's the start of straightening things out for the game against Milwaukee on Friday.

After the jump, a few links of interest including Hibbert chatting about the team with JMV prior to the disaster in Philly.