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IC Cold Links: Pacers Take on Tyreke Evans and the Sacramento Kings

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Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and and the rest of the Pacers look to continue their winning ways and try to take down another California team tonight against the Sacramento Kings.  In the past, this is another game I would worry about a let down.  However, they have really showed great poise and concentration so I am imagining a strong effort tonight against the Kings.

Danny Granger had great success against the Kings last year, averaging 33 points a game.  The Pacers split last year, but this is a completely different team, and the Pacers should take down the struggling Kings.  Although Tyreke EvansDeMarcus Cousins, and Francisco Garcia will put up a good fight.  Former Pacer, Luther Head, is getting some quality playing time with the Kings so far this season, so it will be nice to see the progress he has made since wearing the blue and gold.

What do you guys expect from the Pacers tonight?  After the jump, check out today's links and let me know what you expect for tonight's game...