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Pacers Meet Lakers Tonight For First of Four Out West

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Adversity is officially here to face the Indiana Pacers this season.

After a gut-wrenching, OT loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday, the Pacers are left coastin' this week starting tonight when they take on the Los Angeles Lakers.

You may have heard, but the Lakers are REALLY good and unfortunately in a sour mood after dropping their last game against the Utah Jazz. to put them at 13-3 for the season.

As much as the Lakers appear to be the same ol' Lakers this season with Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol and old friend, Ronnie Artest, they're actually relying on quite a few new faces off the bench to supplement the superstars. In fact, that bench threw up a clunker against Utah which was a big factor in the L.A. loss.

This fabulous piece on Kobe Bryant from a few days ago by Adrian Wojnarowski won't bolster your confidence any heading into the game tonight, but it does have plenty of interesting comments from Kobe. One is that he's learned to give more responsibility to his teammates in order to make the team stronger as a whole. I for one, hope he decides to defer to his teammates plenty tonight to give the Pacers a chance to start this roadie on a positive note.

After the jump, a few links of interest heading into tonight's game.