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IC Cold Links: Pacers Slow Down Kevin Durant, not Russell Westbrook

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Sorry for the late Cold Links this morning!  The in-laws are in town this weekend and the computer just happens to be in the guest room.  Also, because the in-laws are in town, I wasn't able to catch the game last night.  From what I have read, the crowd was awesome and the Pacers were dominating most of the game (except for Russell Westbrook, who had his way from the looks of things).  Fill me in on Kevin Durant as well, did Danny Granger and Brandon Rush lock him down or did he have an off night? 

It's great to see the Pacers compete with Oklahoma City Thunder, but I think the more positive aspect of this is the response from the players.  They don't seem to want to simply "compete", they want to WIN.  I highlighted a quote from Mike Dunleavy after the jump in a link that I really enjoyed seeing.  I think we can all say a change in attitude is occurring or maybe has already happened.  To reward the Pacers' positive week (even through we aren't accepting a loss as a positive, anymore), the NBA has rewarded them with a game against Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and of course former Pacer Ron Artest and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers in LA.  Well, we are really getting a chance to see what these guys are made of!

After the jump, check out the links of the day...again, in-laws are here, so I didn't have as much time putting these together, so if I missed anything fill me in and I will update the links if I missed any!