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IC Cold Links: Pacers take down LeBron, LeBron-less Cavs Next

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Pacers pick up a huge win last night, and to reward all of their hard work...links!  Seems to be a pretty consistent read across the board, mainly pertaining to the Heat's poor play rather than Pacers great play.  While watching the game last night, I had a sick feeling in my stomach that at some point LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Co. would make a run that would turn the game around.  Thankfully, I was off and that Pacers made one big stop after another. 

The Pacers took full advantage of their bench, while Miami is currently still taking applications for theirs.  Since Nathan did a great job breaking down the game last night, I won't go much more into it.  However, you can read the dozen or so links that accumulated last night and this morning after the jump.  I want to also commend the Pacers on their huge improvement defensively over the last few games.  Their pick and roll defense has really picked up lately.  I especially like seeing James Posey on the perimeter doing a nice job of hedging screens, he really gets after it up top!

So, this is where we truly see who the Pacers really are this year.  I absolutely love the way the Pacers played against the Magic on Saturday and, of course, the way they played against the Heat, last night.  However, consistency is the true test of who they are.  Which team will show up tonight against the Cavaliers?  Cleveland comes off a beat down Saturday against the San Antionio Spurs.  They should be well rested and ready to face the Pacers head on.  Will the Pacers come back after a great win and take the Cavaliers lightly?  Or, will the Pacers take their confidence back to Conseco and take down a Central Division foe?  Only time will tell.  We will really see what this Pacers team is made of after two emotionally charged games.