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IC Cold Links: Pacers Take Talents to South Beach

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After a tough loss to the Orlando Magic on Saturday, the Pacers take their talents to South Beach.  Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat have had an up and down season so far as they adjust to playing with each other, and they currently sit at 8-5.  The Pacers need to take advantage of Hibbert down low, while the Heat are a smaller team, especially without injured big man, Udonis Haslem.  The Pacers hope to be with starter Darren Collison, who should return from an injured ankle tonight.

Hopefully the Pacers come back with the same defensive intensity as they did against the Magic, but knock down a few more shots this time around.  The Pacers need to continue to improve their consistency throughout an entire game, they don't have the room for error against the East's top 3-4 seeds.

After the jump, check out the preview for tonight's game, the impact of TJ Ford, and the season's first big trade.