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Morway: We're not actively pursuing any trades right now

Joel Bingham caught up with Indiana Pacers GM, David Morway who offered up some interesting quotes on the team's current plans with regard to their roster.

"We like our team right now," Morway said before his team's tough home loss to the Orlando Magic on Saturday night. "We like the combination next year of our young players and our veteran players. We like the chemistry in our locker room and what we're building here, so we're not actively pursuing any trades right now."

Some interesting comments from Morway throughout the story, although my first reaction to hearing they're not pursuing any trades was that a trade must be imminent. One thing is for sure, the front office is happy with the young players they have going forward.

Still, certainly they won't pass up a chance to move a veteran player for value just to keep this current roster together. Those young players are getting a chance to develop next to the vets with some valuable minutes in tight games so far this season, but whenever the right deal pops up, the Pacers have to take it even if it means a short-term setback.