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IC Cold Links: Magic, Heat Up Next, Trio Of Pacers On All-Star Ballot

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After cruising to a win against the Los Angeles Clippers last night to even their record at 5-5, the Indiana Pacers have to get amped up to take a swing at a couple of the bullies on the block in the Eastern Conference.

The Orlando Magic are 8-3 and visit the Fieldhouse on Saturday night. The Magic have had a couple of hiccups but for the most part have manhandled lesser opponents this season. Roy Hibbert will have Dwight Howard's full attention after catching the Magic monster in the middle off-guard early last year.

Two night's later, the Pacers take their talents to South Beach (not sure that will ever get old) to see where they stack up against LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. Yep, we've moved into the hang-on-for-dear-life portion of the schedule.

On a lighter note, the NBA released the All-Star ballot for this season and it includes three familiar faces. Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and Darren Collison represent the Pacers on this season's ballot. You can vote for all three online through or in the main concourse at the Fieldhouse during upcoming home games until the voting closes on January 14, 2011.

After the jump, a few links of interest from last night's win.