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IC Cold Links: Pacers Front Court Depth A Growing Concern

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The Indiana Pacersstarted the season with concerns about their inexperienced front court after trading last season's leading rebounder, Troy Murphy.

As it turns out, rebounding hasn't been a problem, in fact last night the Pacers out-rebounded the Hawks 42-30 and have held their own on the class throughout the season thus far. Still, the production from Josh McRoberts outside of rebounding remains a concern, as Mike Wells mentioned in his blog post after last night's game.

Josh McRoberts is rebounding the ball, but that’s about it for him. He’s not playing good overall. Team officials have noticed McRoberts’ struggles in other areas of the game.

McRoberts has been an extremely low usage guy, only making four field goals in the past five games, but when he does try to make things happen offensively he can get visibly frustrated. The refs are certainly making J-Mac earn his way in the league, never giving him a whistle unless he's completely mugged. Frustrating as it may be, McRoberts has to play through that stuff and not carry it around for a possession or two more. McRoberts' on court/off court stats heading into last night's game were pretty good so he's certainly not the only problem the Pacers have right now.

With Hansbrough hurt, that lack of depth is more apparent since the Pacers had to rely on James Posey to guard Josh Smith last night in the post. Posey has played a lot of power forward and has been a nice, steadying influence on the floor. But, still, he's not a long-term solution at power forward that's for sure.

Unless the Pacers can make a deal to fortify the front court, they'll have to survive through the growing pains and inconsistent play of the young players they have in McRoberts and Hibbert.

After the jump, a few links of interest from last night's loss.