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Pacers suddenly dealing with injuries, Collison hurts ankle

Local Pacer fans certainly are no strangers to recent injury news given the overwhelming amount of bad injury vibes coming from the Colts camp, but the Pacers themselves have remained clean in any significant injury squabble. Despite having dealt with injury struggles to go alongside the inconsistency issues over the past few years, Indiana came into this season with a rare gift of good fortunes. Finally, it seemed as if a relatively healthy year might be on the horizon.

Even through the first eight games, the team had been blessed with a nice bout of health that has aided the team to a .500 record early in the season. But Jeff Foster's absence is already missed, and Tyler Hansbrough left the game Saturday with a sprained ankle, thinning out the front court even further.

While counting on either of those for tomorrow's game against the Hawks may not have been expected, it was certainly with the realm of possibility that everyone else was going to suit up. Cue some bad news from Mike Wells, who tweets that Darren Collison injured his ankle in practice, making him a questionable go for tomorrow night's game.

It's a difficult blow for a team that is already over matched by the talented and athletic Atlanta squad, on which Collison was seen as a decisive advantage against Mike Bibby. This bit of bad ills will lend T.J. Ford his first start of the season, and depending on Collison's availability, would see the first activation of A.J. Price.