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Timely Twitter A Great Tool For Following Pacers, NBA

For this week's 'Enhance Your Experience' post, I want to focus on the impact Twitter has had on following the Indiana Pacers.

The social media monster is a great way to share your thoughts and read the thoughts of many others as they react to a game in progress. For instance, last night Chris Bosh took a beating on Twitter after he stood near the hoop but barely moved a muscle as Rajon Rondon dribbled through the lane and finished with a monster dunk.

Same thing happened on Tuesday during the Pacers' memorable third quarter. As various references to fire were thrown around by fans and local media, the news quickly spread and pretty soon the national voices were tuned in and commenting on the stunning action taking place at the Fieldhouse. The Pacers are rarely a trending Twitter topic, so when it happens, and happens for all of the right reasons, it adds a little juice to your viewing pleasure.

Twitter also serves as a breaking news source, whether through a media members sharing news or a player directly commenting on a current situation. Yesterday afternoon, for example, we learned from ESPN's Marc Stein that Yao Ming had an MRI after the team arrived in Indianapolis and the results showed only a mild sprained ankle, but it would keep him out of the lineup tonight.

Later, Pacers' beat writer Mike Wells revealed that Jim O'Brien wasn't happy with Paul George's approach to practice and games of late which would lighten his minutes in the playing rotation. Instead of waiting for that news to hit the front porch this morning, we knew it within minutes of the coach saying it.

Players utlitize Twitter as well in various forms. The Pacers only have six players that actively update their Twitter accounts and four that consistently offer timely updates worth following. Occasionally they'll vent their frustrations, but usually they offer fans insight into their daily activities on the road or at home. It also offers fans a chance to reach out and offer their comments to players.

Paul George, T.J. Ford, Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert are the four players that all Pacer fans should follow. After the jump, check out links to their Twitter accounts as well as those of Danny Granger and Dahntay Jones.