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Pacers' Near-Perfect Game In The Past. Now What?

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Time to move on.

As much as I'd like to break down every player's individual contributions to the third quarter against Denver just so I can watch it a few more times, the 144-113 win remains one of 82 games.

I mentioned after the game that it was nice the Pacers had a couple of days off so we could bask in the glow of the great play. It was also good for the players. With all of the attention on the team the next day, they have time to re-focus and be fully prepared for the Houston Rockets to arrive in town tomorrow night.

So which Pacers team will we see on Friday?

Through six games the Pacers are 3-3 which includes playing at varied levels of effectiveness throughout the wins and losses. In fact, they already seem to have hit both ends of the continuum for the level of team play. On the poor side there's the steaming dump that is the loss in Philadelphia last week while at the other extreme is the net-scorching win over Denver on Tuesday.

While the Pacers made offense look easy on Tuesday, they've gone through stagnant stretches in earlier games where scroing points has been a chore. It's hard to climb in the players' heads and figure out why on some nights they appear stubborn in their willingness to move the ball, but the results speak for themselves when the five are working as one.

And now the expectations are higher to maintain that solid level of play. The team is rested, healthy and knows what works best for them right now. The next sign of growth for this young team is bringing a level of play that is on the Denver side of the continuum on a consistent basis.

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