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IC Cold Links: Pacers Grab Everyone's Attention With A Third Quarter To Remember

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For once, I'm glad the Indiana Pacers have a couple of days off between games.

It allows us to bask in the glow of last night's monster win and ridiculous third quarter before focusing on Friday's game against Houston. The highlights never get old and I could swim all day in the numbers.

Speaking of which, by some measures the Pacers were better than perfect in the third quarter last night. As Bradford Doolittle points out, the advanced stat calculation for field goal efficiency (eFG%) takes into account the extra value of 3-pointers, so the Pacers finished the third with an eFG% of 114%!

After the jump, tons of links with stories and highlights from last night's game as all of the national media outlets took notice of the Pacers. It was certainly a pleasure to see so much time devoted to the Pacers on SportsCenter and NBA TV along with all of the national web sites, as everyone around the league did a double-take upon hearing the news.