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IC Cold Links: Pacers Back To Work After Loss In Memphis

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The Indiana Pacers are headed back to the gym as I type, continuing their preseason work to prepare for the regular season. According to this tweet from Danny Granger, the team is ready to run back on the court to avoid a rat in the locker room. Hopefully no one gets hurt falling off their chair.

While they run from the rat and work through the mistakes from last night's close but no cigar loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, the Pacers also look ahead to their preseason home opener against the Orlando Magic on Friday night.

After watching the highlights and digesting all of the numbers and comments from the game last night, I really enjoyed tracking some of those new story lines and the different feel from this year's team. Roy Hibbert played 30 minutes (most by any Pacer) and showed up with a double-double. Paul George was next in line for minutes with 25 and despite his outside shot failing him (ala Orlando this summer) he stayed in the mix and found ways to contribute.

Josh McRoberts stuffed the stat sheet doing a little bit of everything. Jim O'Brien wants Josh to rebound (check, 7 in 24 minutes), run the floor (check, see highlights of his follow dunk) and take care of the ball (work in progress). McRoberts had four assists but also four turnovers.

Considering this was the first actual game experience for the starters to play together, it appears they meshed pretty well, especially when you consider Danny Granger's shot was MIA. The bench had more trouble playing together, but there were some combinations of players off the bench that had never logged a game minute together, which is exactly what these preseason games are for.

After the jump, a few links with highlights and reports on the game along with Roy Hibbert sharing the a shot of the rookies on the road.