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Cleveland Cavaliers Considered Larry Bird In Coaching Search

During the Cleveland Cavaliers' mad scramble to make a splashy coaching hire in order to entice LeBron James to stay in Cleveland, the team contacted Pacers president, Larry Bird about a return to the sideline to coach the Cavs. This according to a report from Marc Stein at (HT - MillerTime31).

Bird did take the call, sources said, but quickly informed the Cavs that he had no interest in coaching again. Sources said Bird, 53, let Cleveland know that he wants to continue in his front-office work with the Pacers and that he has all but ruled out coaching again because of health and family reasons.

Even if Bird had the slightest inclination to consider the offer, I'm sure he would've waited to entertain the thought until LeBron decided to stay which, in case you didn't hear it earlier this summer, was not his ultimate decision.

Besides that would've totally blown Bird's three-year plan with the Pacers. Or is it a four-year plan? I keep forgetting.