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IC Cold Links: Hansbrough Is Cleared To Play But Isn't Playing

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Mighty Mike Wells visits opposite ends of the spectrum with the two items of interest on the Indiana Pacers today.

First for the bad news, Wells shines a light on the big ol' elephant in the corner from the first week of training camp, that being Tyler Hansbrough sitting out the intense, five-on-five scrimmages that capped off most of the practices last week.

He's cleared to play but isn't playing? Curious, no? If it is just a fitness issue, why not build up the stamina by increasing the activity and running full-court? Even more curious is Jim O'Brien's comment that indicates he'd like to see him scrimmage as much as anyone.

"He was behind coming in because he didn't have a training camp last year, then he missed most of the season, and the more times he misses five-on-five, the further behind he gets," O'Brien said. "There's no way of sugar-coating it. He'll start to catch up once he's able to go in every drill we do."

Maybe JOB is limiting expectations since there may not be many minutes for Hansbrough to start the season anyway, although if he doesn't play we'll never know.

Now to turn that school-girl frown upside down, Wells also puts out a community service announcement to make sure the Pacers' rookies are seen around town with the pink "Princess" backpacks Roy Hibbert is demanding they carry all season. This is the least of Lance Stephenson's worries at this point so he's happy to oblige and of course, Paul George is all in and ready to add his own swag to the rookie initiation.

The Pacers open their preseason schedule this week starting at Memphis on Wednesday night. It should be interesting to see if Hansbrough suits up, plays a little or what will happen going forward. If he's cleared to play now but isn't playing, will he ever play?

After the jump, a few more links of interest with stories from around the NBA including Jermaine O'Neal once again pulling out his can of career spackle to smooth out his past for a new audience.