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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Win Shows Promise Despite Flaws

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The Indiana Pacers didn't play their best game last night. There were plenty of nits to pick throughout the four quarters of play.

But they won.

Won on the road against an opponent they matched up well against following a strong effort in San Antonio. We've seen the double-digit losses become a given in past years with the same situation. But despite the defensive woes and getting worked on the glass, the Pacers found a way to win.

Just when it looked like Danny Granger might carry the team on his back to the win, he fouled out. A convenient excuse to point toward after a loss in past years. But last night, T.J. Ford and Tyler Hansbrough made winning plays at winning time to fill the void.

Roy Hibbert expressed if well in his post-game tweet, mentioning that the Pacers would've lost that game last year and recalling the pounding the Bobcats gave the Pacers at Charlotte.  Not this time. Not this year. Let's hope that trend continues.

Also, just a reminder that I called the heavy role for Hansbrough after hearing JOB's comments on Thursday about him not being ready to play in the rotation. In a similar vein, I won't be shocked to see Darren Collison take the Pacers down the stretch in tonight's game after the coach's comments about Collison and T.J. Ford following the game last night.

After the jump, a few links of interest from last night's win.