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How Do You Enjoy Watching The Pacers Play?

[This is a sponsored post. -TL]

The Indiana Pacers are back in action tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats. Once again, the game will be broadcast in HD on Fox Sports Indiana.

My question to you is: How do you enjoy watching a Pacers' game?

I can no longer remember when I first started using a DVR but it is hard to consider living without the option now. Recording a game on DVR has alway been a great option, allowing me to watch the game at my convenience. But with the advancements of technology and social media, simply recording a game on DVR to enjoy whenever you'd like is no longer good enough.

Instead of just setting the DVR, I find the need to set an alarm for game time. Watching the game live with the ability to comment here and use Twitter to connect with other fans and media, also watching the game live, has made tuning in for the live broadcast a much more enjoyable experience.

With smart phone technology, those same connections can be made at the Fieldhouse while watching the game live. Whether in my family room or at the Fieldhouse, the corner bar-type discussions throughout the game with folks from around the world are sometimes more entertaining than the game.

Hopefully this season, the Pacers play on the court will at least match the enjoyment I receive from watching them play with all of my Pacers and NBA "friends" tuning in at the same time.