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IC Cold Links: Pacers Open NBA Season At Spurs Tonight

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The home court was friendly to all three of the NBA opening night winners. The Celtics, Trail Blazers and Lakers all rode the excitement of opening night to their first W.

Hopefully that trend doesn't continue with the rest of the openers tonight since the Indiana Pacers are on the road visiting the San Antonio Spurs. I can think of better places for the Pacers to start the season, but you have to start somewhere.

Hopefully Jim O'Brien showed his players some clips from the Miami Heat in the first half of their loss to the C's. Standing around, pounding the ball and hoisting jumpers is no way to run an offense. Not only is it ugly to watch it isn't effective. The Heat looked like the Pacers when they're at their worst offensively.

Let's hope we see a little more ball and player movement out of the Pacers tonight.

After the jump, a few links of interest while waiting all day for the season to tip off.