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IC Cold Links: NBA Opening Night, Pacers Hit The Road

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Three intriguing games tip off the NBA season tonight with the Heat vs. Celtics, Suns vs. Blazers and Rockets vs. Lakers. The buzz in Boston should be off the charts tonight. I can already feel the excitement several states away.

Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers take off for San Antonio today to prepare for their season-opener tomorrow night against the Spurs.

Danny Granger is expected to be back in the lineup after missing the last few preseason games with a tweaked ankle. The playing rotation remains a work in progress and in the links today, Mike Wells works through his projections which expose the thin options in the front court.

I wasn't surprised by the strong response to Magnum Rolle's release and thought Nathan captured the feelings of many. with his post. Rolle really became a fan favorite with his attitude and deft use of social media. He ended most of his Twitter posts since summer league with "3 P's" as a reminder of his focus on the Pacers' theme of passion, pride and Pacers.

Today Rolle is left with two of those P's and he will have to rely on his passion and pride to work his way back into the league.

After the jump, some opening day links.