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Pacers Roster Resolution Points Toward Magnum Rolle

All signs point to Magnum Rolle being left outside the 15-man roster to start the season for the Indiana Pacers. This of course, assumes there won't be a last-second trade to naturally free up a spot on the roster.

Someone has to go and Rolle is the guy that makes the most sense right now.

The late second-round pick has shown plenty of promise with his play in summer league and training camp, but the numbers game isn't playing in Magnum PF's favor.

And Twitter rarely lies.

Sunday morning, Rolle tweeted that he was off to the gym to work out, but then later was apparently sick and unable to attend the Pacers Fan Jam event.

Consider also that Rolle signed a contract with the Pacers, but the money is not guaranteed unless he makes the roster, which Mike Wells verified.

If the tea-leaf translation is correct and Rolle isn't on the final roster, it doesn't mean we say good-bye forever. In fact, if the Pacers are smart they'll spin this into a positive by announcing their intention to let Rolle get more seasoning in Fort Wayne.

The Pacers haven't utilized the D-League in the past but this situation sets up perfectly for the team to do so. As the last cut from the training camp roster, Rolle can be assigned the the Pacers' D-League affiliate in Fort Wayne where they can easily keep tabs on him and coach him up as they see fit. Just to be clear, though, even though Rolle would be playing for the Pacers' affiliate, any NBA team could sign him to their 15-man roster, but it remains a risk worth taking.

The Pacers can continue to try to move players currently on the roster with guaranteed money and if all continues to go well, then when a spot opens up they can consider bringing Rolle back to town. Or better yet, sign him as part of the 15-man roster but let him keep playing with Fort Wayne until the Pacers plan to actually use him.

That last part may be wishful thinking since the Pacers haven't used the D-League that way in the past, but the above scenario seems like the best case for all parties.

By Monday afternoon, we'll find out what really happens.