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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Inconsistent Ways Remains A Concern

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The Indiana Pacers remain consistently inconsistent.

After an up and down preseason, the Pacers look forward to opening night on Wednesday in San Antonio carrying a familiar set of issues along with them.

Whether it be Roy Hibbert, Darren Collison, Josh McRoberts or anyone else in the playing rotation, a poor night from any combination of players is usually too much for the Pacers to withstand. When the team is in sync and shots are falling, wins are always in play despite the narrow margin for error.

But if Hibbert struggles and lets down, or Collison turns it over in bunches, or McRoberts fades into the background while all of the above struggle defensively, losses are hard to avoid. I single out these three in particular because I feel if they can provide any sort of consistent production along with Danny Granger then the Pacers can remain in most games when it comes to winning time in the fourth.

They still need to play well to then actually win, but forget it on those off nights. Unfortunately, this is the all-too familiar formula from the past two years that has kept the win totals declining in the 30s.

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