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IC Cold Links: Pacers Ready To Wrap Up Preseason Against Bulls

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The Indiana Pacers finish their preseason schedule tonight when they play the Chicago Bulls at the United Center.

The Pacers have been away from the Fieldhouse since Tuesday getting all of the players acclimated to life on the road before the real roadies kick in during the regular season.

Tonight's game should be a great test against the talented Bulls team, but if Danny Granger doesn't play then we're looking at individual effort again. The good news is that Granger might play or at least could play, although I don't expect him to play unless his ankle is truly 100%.

Personally, I can't watch the young guys play enough but I'm also ready for the regular season. I really enjoyed watching the revamped starting lineup play together earlier in the preseason. They seemed to be coming along nicely when Granger tweaked his ankle. Hopefully they'll continue that trend when the games start to count next week.

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