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IC Cold Links: Hibbert Comes Back Strong In Pacers Win

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After the Indiana Pacers beat the New Orleans Hornets last Friday, Roy Hibbert expressed some doubts about all of the offseason work he put in to shed useless pound to become a more fit 7'2" post presence.

Confidence is a fragile thing with Roy, so it was especially nice to see him not only put up big numbers last night, but make plays late in the game and in overtime to help the team win.

Being lighter and fit will help Hibbert be able to play more minutes, not to mention take a little pressure of his knees for the long-term injury outlook. He may still need to adjust to the physical play against some of the stronger posts in the league, but he also has the ability to force opponents to adjust to his game. He just needs to keep the confidence up and attack like he did last night.

After the jump, plenty of links from the game and other items of interest around the NBA.