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IC Cold Links: Rush On The Court, Stephenson In Court, Granger On The Side Of The Road

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This should be an interesting day for the Indiana Pacers.

The team is in Minnesota to play the Timberwolves tonight in their penultimate preseason game. Brandon Rush is expected to start in place of the injured Danny Granger.

Meanwhile, Lance Stephenson's day in court has arrived as the Pacers' rookie will face a few charges including a felony assault charge in a New York courtroom today. Stephenson is expected to hop a flight after the proceedings and join the team in time for the game in Minneapolis.

Speaking of hopping a flight, Danny Granger had to do that yesterday after missing the team flight due to his car getting towed out from under him on the way to the airport. Apparently the little-used car he was driving had expired tags. Tough love from the po-po on that one. Maybe this was a crafty "dog ate my homework" manuever by Granger when he knew he'd miss the plane. Either way it is pretty funny.

These stories and more are all covered in the links after the jump.