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Wells: Granger, Ford Won't Be Sidelined Long By Injuries

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Mike Wells reports some good news from the Indiana Pacers with regard to injuries suffered in last night's win over New Orleans by Danny Granger (ankle) and T.J. Ford (hamstring).

Granger is expected to be out 7-10 days and return in time for the season opener in San Antonio. As hoped, Granger's sprained ankle appears to be a run of the mill sprain. Dahntay Jones started the second half in Granger's place last night and Jim O'Brien told Wells he plans to keep Paul George coming off the bench as the first wing as the rookie continues to adapt to his role in the rotation.

This may open up a chance for Brandon Rush to play and once again rise from the ashes (sorry) to earn a longer look in the rotation.

T.J. Ford is expected to return to the court in the preseason against Chicago after tweaking his right hamstring.