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IC Cold Links: Pacers Have To Work Past Injuries Of Body And Mind In Preseason

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The Indiana Pacers win last night came at a cost.

At the end of the night, I counted three injuries of concern. T.J. Ford's hamstring will keep him day-to-day for awhile. That puts A.J. Price back in the driver's seat to back up point guard Darren Collison, but Price is still not 100% so that makes things tenuous.

Danny Granger's ankle swelled up and hopefully will become a classic sprained ankle. On the bright side, it will keep the rest of his body fresh for the regular season, but at the cost of working with a new starting lineup and developing his defensive mindset.

The other injury was less visible and remains a minor concern, but one worth watching. Roy Hibbert appeared to tweak his psyche after struggling in the low post against Emeka Okafor. After the game Hibbert tweeted his frustration at his play and mentioned that maybe he should put some weight back on because his fit physique wasn't working.

Whoa! Slow down Roy.

One of Hibbert's problems so far in his young career has been handling poor play. He's had a tendency to get down on himself and sometimes his game goes with him. Classic case of losing confidence. But instead of considering wholesale changes after a bad outing, I'd rather he just kept grinding away as he has been to prepare for the season.

The problem I saw last night was that Hibbert missed a couple of early shot in the post and then appeared to start pressing a bit and trying to draw contact on his shots instead of just trying to find a rhythm on his own.

So as I say, hopefully this is a minor tweak to the psyche and not something that sends the hungry one into a tailspin, but it will be something to monitor for throughout the remainder of the preseason.

One more non-injury note before the links. Tyler Hansbrough had a strong effort off the bench and abusing Joe Alexander doesn't mean he's arrived. Hansbrough knows that more than anyone and said so after the game. But at this point if he can fill a role off the bench against other second unit forwards then he's making strides in the right direction.

After the jump, a few links from last night's game.

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