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Hansbrough Is Really, Truly, Once And For All Cleared To Play...I Think

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Anybody else hear an echo?

Yesterday, Tyler Hansbrough reportedly visited his doctor in Pittsburgh who game him full clearance to resume playing basketball with no restrictions.


Yesterday Hansbrough was fully cleared to play? But I thought the media day declarations that Hansbrough was cleared to play meant that he was, well, cleared to play. According to a blurb from Mike Wells today (the main story on Paul George is great, btw), a follow-up appointment yesterday confirmed his clearance to play.

Hansbrough's doctor wanted to evaluate the second-year pro after he had played in a couple of preseason games to make sure there were no setbacks with Hansbrough's vertigo.

Of course, we knew there were some Polian-eque shades of gray to those media day statements since video highlights and first-hand reports from the team's initial scrimmages were decidedly Tyler-free. Then Hansbrough gets to run in the scrimmage leading up to the preseason opener...but doesn't get to play in the game.

The cryptic communication surrounding this whole ordeal with Hansbrough has been enough to spawn a dozen plausible conspiracy theories. I understand HIPAA restrictions, but we're adults. We can handle the truth. Either he can play or he can't. Specific details and diagnosis information isn't necessary, but when the actions don't back up the words it makes one want to question all of the words coming from the franchise. Although, I guess that's the game we always play.

In the end, with regard to Hansbrough, it doesn't really matter. The only thing that matters is that he's given whatever the heck was ailing him a good test, confirmed he is still good to go, and can now move on with this basketball life.,.I think.