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IC Cold Links: Plenty Of Preseason Work Left For Pacers

The Indiana Pacers return to Indy to continue their preseason work with plenty to work on.

After losing their third preseason game in four days, there will be plenty of video cut-ups for the coaches and players to analyze, which will show all of the good, bad and ugly from the team and individual performances.

That's the beauty of preseason problems, they don't cost nothin'. The Pacers have three days to apply some of the lessons learned before playing the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday at the Fieldhouse.

After the jump, a few layover links of interest from the game and around the league as I pop this up from the Denver airport while waiting for my flight back to Indy. Links include stories about the game, Magnum Rolle and Chris Kramer showing up for the Bucks.