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IC Cold Links: T.J. Ford, Jim O'Brien Trying To Make The Best Of A Bad Situation; Pacers' Camp Intensifies

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We try not to drag my six-year-old to every practice and game for my nine-year-old because he's had enough of it already after several years of tagging along.

He gets bored and then whines about being bored and imploring him to stop whining, play with other kids or find something to do taps into a stubborn gene that makes it worse. An ice cream truck could pull up in front of us and he'd remain sour just to make sure we know he doesn't want to be there.

Last night, we had to bring the little guy to a scrimmage and before we left the house he was already complaining about the pending boredom he was heading into. So on the way there we had a one-way conversation about being a big boy and what he could do in lieu of whining the whole time. He was going to the scrimmage regardless of how much he complained, so it was time for him to make the best of a bad situation.

I'm convinced my words had no impact, but the boy did end up having a good time playing with other kids and finding some fun while hanging around the parents when he was on his own. He was amply rewarded for his good behavior and now we have a baseline example to refer to going forward.

After reading the T.J. Ford article this morning by Mike Wells, it looks like I have another strong reference to use for my boys with a good example of making the best out of a bad situation. Both Ford and Jim O'Brien have always put on a good public face about their struggles to work together, but since they are stuck together heading into another season, both parties met before training camp to clear the air and, well, make the best of the situation.

It appears that Ford has accepted his role as a backup heading into the season and JOB has accepted the fact that he will have to rely on Ford to be a part of the playing rotation. Ford's play is needed for one to help with the point guard depth but also in hopes of showcasing Ford for a trade later in the season.

These are two strong-headed individuals so we'll see how this plays out when a little adversity strikes, but at least they're heading into the season on the same page.

Read the whole story in the links after the jump which include a recap and highlights from an intense day three scrimmage with the rookies continuing to hold their own.