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IC Cold Links: Pacers Trying To Build On Win, Ride The Monkey Momentum

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The latest episode of Pacers Crate raises the bar in high-profile guests once again.

First, there was Austin Croshere, followed by the legendary Reggie Miller. So how does a Pacer-centric webcast top Reggie Miller?

Easy. Dawn the cowboy monkey. Technically, I guess Dawn is a cowgirl monkey, but regardless, the cowboy monkeys riding border collies during halftime of the Orlando Magic game set the perfect tone for the night: Anything was possible. And thus, the Pacers went on to beat the Magic, so a light off-day "chat" with Dawn actually seems appropriate.

Highlights include Conrad monkeying around with the, well, monkey while Mark Boyle and Chris Denari try to discuss basketball. The only thing that would improve this episode is if there was some thought bubble technology available to display the acerbic wit flowing through Boyle's mind during the first few minutes.

Maybe the Pacers can ride their monkey momentum for a few more wins in the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy the video after the jump along with a few other links, including post-practice interviews from yesterday.

  • Pacers Hope Win Over Magic Can Spark Turnaround - IndySports
    Larry Hawley checked in with the Pacers after practice yesterday finding a team hoping to build on its win over Orlando.

  • Watson brings leadership, stability to point
    Bruno's latest Caught in the Web profiles Earl Watson and how he's earned the trust of Jim O'Brien to take over as the starting point guard.
  • Ford remains positive despite benching
    Mighty Mike Wells checks in with T.J. Ford as he deals with his role outside the playing rotation for the Pacers. "I think we could all do things different and better," Ford said. "Fortunately I think both parties hate that it came down to this. I think there's a better light at the end of tunnel. I think for me, it's keeping my spirits high, continue to smile. I just try to be the same person and not let these things affect me." Light at the end of the tunnel? Could that be a possible trade?

  • Sports lifelong passion for Pacers host
    Stacy Paetz spoke with Indy Star business reporter Daniel Lee about covering the Pacerse and women in sports broadcasting.

  • Pacers 11th in NBA Jam East Power Rankings
    Jared Wade at 8.9 is amped for the return of NBA Jam even if the Pacers don't rank too highh.