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IC Cold Links: Pacers Give Home Fans A Reason To Cheer

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Drsuessrunner07 had a perfect comment to lead off last night's game thread prior to the opening tip.

This game reminds me of the movie The Hangover, when the guys are picking up their Mercedes Benz from the inpound lot. "Six to one odds this car is beat to s#*%." There’s no reason to have much hope for this game but here I am, hoping, praying that my Pacers come around that corner tonight looking pretty and put on a good showing. Go Pacers!

That struck a chord with me and if you've seen the movie, you're nodding your head. Coming off the 43-point loss in New York and facing all of Orlando's firepower certainly gave a pre-game feel of, "You think it can't get any worse? Well, watch this."

Even as the Pacers were trading blows early with the Magic and then maintaining a little lead, the ominous feel remained. Just a matter of time before the Magic turn it on and take over. At one point, the biggest cheers of the night came when Reb Porter announced Reggie Wayne's presence courtside and then later, Robert Mathis. I was thinking maybe the team should have a couple of Colts players show up at every game but announce it in advance to draw more fans.

But that all changed as the belief grew throughout the second half that, yes, the Pacers might just win this one. After a shot-clock beating jumper from Roy Hibbert and again, when Hibbert drew Dwight Howard's sixth foul, the crowd on hand was going crazy...for the Pacers.

After the jump, more links of interest from last night's WIN.