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IC Cold Links: Positive Progress Report On Danny Granger The Highlight From New York

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There was a shred of good news from the Garden last night.

At some point in the second half through the fog of a 40-some-odd-point deficit, Stacy Paetz reported on watching Danny Granger workout prior to the game and appear to be in pretty good shape going through extensive shooting and movement drills and looking no worse for the wear afterward.

No return date has been set, but if things continue to progress Granger could be back on the court in a week or two. Needless to say, the Pacers could desperately use an All-Star scorer at this point. Since 33 shut it down, the Pacers are 4-11, but the last five losses have been alarming based on how the team has fallen behind big from the opening tip. They've been lost seeking an answer Granger can provide to stay in the game early.

The end result may not be a win, but having a chance to win would sure make for a more enjoyable watch.

After the jump, a load of links from NYC.