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IC Cold Links: Pacers Head Home With Winning Feeling, Tough Schedule Ahead

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The good news is that the Indiana Pacers returned to Indy after their win in Philadelphia and will stay five full days at home before playing at Toronto on Sunday evening.

The bad news is that the Los Angeles Lakers (Wednesday) and Cleveland Cavaliers (Friday) will travel to Indy to keep the Pacers busy while they're at home.

Still, the Pacers are in the midst of a two-week stretch where they have at least a day off between games, a relatively healthy roster that seems to have found a playing rotation that can offer a little consistency. All things considered, this may be the best time to catch the Lakers and Cavs, if there is such a thing.

It will be interesting to see how the Pacers play the Lakers because whether they go big or small, matching up with the long and athletic front-court of the Lakers is a problem. Since the Lakers play tonight in Washington maybe Andrew Bynum will miss the team plane again. That would help a little.

Of course, the Pacers beat the Lakers at the Fieldhouse last year and always seem to come up with a good effort when the top teams come to town. In fact, the Pacers only have a four wins against teams with a record above .500 and all of those wins (Boston, Orlando, Toronto, Phoenix) were at home.

After the jump, a few links of interest from the win last night.