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IC Cold Links: Colts Need One More Win, Pacers Need A Few More

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Congratulations to Peyton Manning and the boys on the west side of town for beating the New York Jets to win another trip to the Super Bowl.  The Colts keep reminding us just how fun winning can be. Now finish it off in Miami!

As for the Pacers, after a day off they're back on the grind tonight in Philiadelphia to complete a home-and-home with the 76ers. Hopefully they can absorb some of that winning feeling from the Colts and apply it...quickly. Here are a few links of interest while waiting to the opening tip:

Pacers believe they have a chance
Jeff Rabjohns reports on the Pacers keeping thier playoff hopes alive. The team knows what it has to do, the problem is actually doing it.

76ers hope for season-high streak
Kate Fagan reports on the 76ers trying to double up on the Pacers and extend their winning streak to three games for the first time all season.

Changes in starting lineup seem to agree with Sixers | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/25/2010
Bob Cooney reports on the 76ers seizing a little momentum on the heels of a lineup change by coach Eddie Jordan.

Looking at "VORP" With Colorful Charts, Vol. 2: Shooting Percentages
Jared Wade digs deep into the Pacers' shooting numbers and finds that Troy Murphy is shooting the ball well so far this season. Everyone else? Not so much.

Stampede Blue - An Indianapolis Colts blog
More indepth coverage on the Colts' win yesterday.