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IC Cold Links: Pacers Looking To Small Lineup For Better Starts

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The Indiana Pacers have used 16 different starting lineups so far this season. 17th time's a charm?

Mike Wells reported after the game that Jim O'Brien wasn't pleased with his team's first half performance and after once again seeing a small lineup have some success in the first half, he might just start the game that way, moving either Roy Hibbert or Troy Murphy to the bench. Now where have I heard that before?

"The big lineup doesn't work," he said. "We're too slow, (that lineup) doesn't run, doesn't move, doesn't get up and down and doesn't defend at a high enough level. We're better when we're small."

I found it strange that after the comeback win over Toronto, that this move didn't happen immediately. Hibbert and Murphy are more productive when they don't play together anyway and after that game, JOB mentioned that the Pacers were 8-3 when using a small lineup for a majority of the game.

Better late than never, I guess.

Plenty of links after the jump.

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The four factors certainly favored the Magic last night. More on the four factors.