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IC Cold Links: Pacers Need To Toughen Up, Make Some Shots In A Hurry

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After laying down in Miami last night, the Indiana Pacers better raise their level of intensity and play in a hurry since less than 24 hours after absorbing a beat down in Miami, the Pacers have to face the Orlando Magic tonight.

The Magic will gladly roll over the Pacers if the blue and gold don't bring a stronger game to the court tonight. Consider the Magic should have a little revenge on their minds after the Pacers handled them at the Fieldhouse two weeks ago without Danny Granger.

In that game, the Pacers didn't shoot exceptional but they made plays and rode a strong effort from Roy Hibbert. On the other hand, the Magic went through the game with no-show performances from Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis. Plus, Dwight Howard only took six shots and didn't go to the free throw line until the fourth quarter. Carter hasn't been 100% lately but you have to expect that this trio will score more than the 21 points combined they put up in Indy.

So expecting Orlando's full attention tonight, how will the Pacers respond? Will anyone provide a spark? Will JOB shake things up, maybe give high-energy player Josh McRoberts a few minutes early? Something? Anything?

After the jump, more links of interest after last night's loss.