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Any Future Coaches Or GMs On The Pacers' Current Roster?

During the Celtics/Mavericks broadcast on TNT they flashed a graphic showing members of the C's 1986 championship team that later went on to coach or work in the front office.

Appropriate topic considering Kevin McHale was part of the broadcast crew and former Pacer coach, Rick Carlise was on the visiting bench directing the Mavericks. Along with McHale and Carlisle, the other players were Larry Bird, Sam Vincent, Danny Ainge, Dennis Johnson and Jerry Sichting.

McHale mentioned how all of those guys would sit around and talk basketball constantly so it was no surprise they stayed in the game directing teams. This comment started my mind wandering and wondering if there are any current Pacers that sit around together talking basketball with a hoop junkies delight.

This leads to a question I'll open up to the comments for answer: Which player(s) on the current roster can you see lasting as a coach or GM in the NBA?

Naturally, Mike Dunleavy comes to mind since he's been around the NBA game all his life and his pops has been in the coaching game for much of that life. Junior seems more like a front office type to me though, just because of his demeanor and the way he communicates. I wouldn't call him soft-spoken but he's certainly not boisterous nor vociferous to say the least.

What do you think?