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Pacers Hope To Warm Up Again In Miami

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The Indiana Pacers begin a little road trip this week at Miami on Tuesday where they'll take on a Heat team that just arrived home after a six-game West Cost roadie.

That can play into the Pacer favor, since that first game at home after a long trip often produces a flat performance from the home team. Something about comforts of home combined with catching up with things left on hold while out of town serves as a distraction the home team has to overcome to play well.

Fortunately for the Heat, they have Dwyane Wade who can carry them if need be. Plus, they finished the trip with a 3-3 record including a loss at Oklahoma City in their last game, so the Heat won't exactly be sitting home fat and happy after that performance.

The good news for the Pacers is that the weather in Indy continues churning out temperatures in the mid-30's and at last look, Miami will offer a little sunshine and temps in the mid to upper 70's. Hopefully the warmth will make its way to the shooting touch of the blue and gold, since they left a frigid 6 of 29 effort from 3-land at the Fieldhouse this past Saturday night. This after shooting the lights out a night earlier in New Jersey.

The poor perimeter shooting on Saturday combined with an atrocious effort on the glass, negated a great effort from Roy Hibbert in the post again showing the Pacers thin margin of error. Against a good team, if they're firing on all cylinders winning is no surprise. But struggle on the perimeter or in the post and things get dicey. Lose the battle of little things with turnovers or on the glass or at the free throw line and a loss surely follows.

In two earlier losses to the Heat this year, the Pacers shooting percentage has been in the low 30's, so hopefully that South Beach warmth will put the Pacers' shooters back in rhythm and get this tricky little road trip off to a good start.

After the jump, a few links of interest including just where the Pacers expectations for Brandon Rush currently stand.

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