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IC Cold Links: Head Questionable Against Hornets, Dunleavy Will Continue To Come Off The Bench

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Mike Dunleavy is getting back into a basketball rhythm after nearly a month of floating through the Indiana Pacers' offense like a ghost.

After blending into the background with limited playing time and an unrecognizable shot, Dunleavy is finally surging again, helped by the resurrection of star Danny Granger along with the full healing of his own injuries.

But don't expect coach Jim O'Brien to change his lineup to incorporate Dunleavy back into the starting lineup. And it's not just O'Brien's decision. Dunleavy doesn't care either.  According to the Indianapolis Star, O'Brien plans to keep Dunleavy with the second unit using him to keep the ball moving and provide leadership to a very young unit. Also, something that many basketball players tend to forget, it's about who finishes the game, not who starts it.

Tonight's home matchup with the Hornets presents an opportunity for Dunleavy to move up to the starting position as Luther Head is questionable with an ankle injury. But after last night's win in New Jersey, O'Brien said Brandon Rush will probably get the nod after putting together a great game with 15 points on 5-for-5 shooting, grabbing six rebounds and dishing five assists in 33 minutes.

"For Mike, who is a veteran, I think he's more interested in finishing the game than starting the game," O'Brien said. "Mike Dunleavy knows who he is and knows how much respect I have for who he is and what he brings. I've talked to him about starting and coming off the bench, and he couldn't care less."

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