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IC Cold Links: Pacers Working Out Playing Rotation, Nuggets Love Foster

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Last week I mentioned how I couldn't begin to count the number of times I've written about a player coming back from injury and working themselves into game shape. Seems like it has been a constant issue over the past few years.

Today, Mike Wells talks about the impact on the playing rotations with injured players coming and going all season. After struggling to fire on all cylinders in the two losses over the weekend, the Pacers used yet another starting lineup while trying to work Danny Granger and Troy Murphy back into the mix.

As Wells points out, all 15 players were available to practice for the first time in about two years last week. That's crazy but it's supposed to be a good thing and hopefully Jeff Foster and Tyler Hansbrough can advance to the point where they are available for games as well as practice.

Of course, then there will be two more players to work into the mix during games. After surviving short-handed for a few weeks and finding some help on the end of the bench, the Pacers continue to strive for that magical day when all of the players are healthy and have played a few games together. Personally, I'm looking forward to the day when lapses at either end of the floor lose the qualifying context allowed by either missing or recently adding a player.

At least then there will be no more excuses. After the jump a few more links, including Bruno's Scouting Report and more informed trade rumors, this time involving Denver's amorous feelings toward Jeff Foster.