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IC Cold Links: Price Sets Himself Apart At Point Guard Spot; Hansbrough Is Dizzy

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A.J. Price is making some noise.

The No. 52 pick from this summer's draft is letting his teammates and coaches know that he's ready for more playing time and a bigger role at the point guard position. He's also letting opposing players and writers know that he's not playing in Europe this year.

After Price's exhilarating performance in Saturday's loss to the Thunder where he single-handily kept the Pacers in the game during the final stanza, one Thunder beat writer noted "Confession: I didn't know A.J. Price was in the NBA. If there is anyone in the league who was like me, I guarantee they know who he is now."

Price played the entire fourth quarter on Saturday, scoring 19 of his 23 points in the final period while bringing the Pacers within one point of the lead, until Kevin Durant showed Danny Granger what a franchise-player is supposed to do and destroyed the blue and gold down the stretch. While the Pacers suffered another loss, Price showed he's a player worth investing in. Price said after the game, "I haven't really felt like (a rookie) pretty much since training camp. I've kept the mentality that I'm here for a reason. I just need to go out there and play my game, the same I've played my whole life."

Teammate, and starting point guard, Earl Watson added: "The thing about A.J. is that he constantly works on his game. When you have young guys like that doing it the right way, you have no choice but to cheer for them. You want them to succeed. I see him with the ability to keep on improving."

Price's performance should guarantee some more playing time, especially as T.J. Ford has been moved to the inactive list. And while Price plays like a first-rounder, the Pacers' true No. 1 draft choice from this summer continues to sit away from the team. As I've begun wondering if Tyler Hansbrough isn't just buried with Jeff Foster's corpse under the White River Canal, we finally received an update from coach Jim O'Brien about Hansbrough's ear infection. According to Mike Wells, Hansbrough went through an intensive pre-game workout Saturday that left the rookie too dizzy to play.

Here's O'Brien's take on the matter: "He took himself out because he feels dizzy. It could last 3-6 weeks. What we try to do is we try to work him out hard before the game and see how he responds to moving around. He is just dizzy."

Just dizzy. Fantastic. And on that note, let's move on to the links after the jump.