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Tinsley Acquisition Scary In Hindsight

Ever wonder how the Pacers ended up with Jamaal Tinsley?

In a blast from the past, Bruno paints a fascinating picture of the intense 2001 draft night setting which, with the benefit of hindsight, will have you screaming, "NO! NO! Don't answer that phone!"  Kind of like a classic '80s horror flick when you know what's going to happen but can hardly bear to watch.

Not exactly sure how, by I stumbled across this account of the Pacers' war room on draft night as the Pacers' front office feverishly tried to position themselves to take Tinsley late in the first round of the 2001 NBA draft.  Donnie Walsh, David Kahn and David Morway are making it happen, but never forget, Isiah Thomas coveted Tinsley as his future point guard which eventually led to this moment: 

Now, Walsh, Kahn and Morway are all on the phones, talking to every team that comes up, trying to set up a deal that will land Tinsley. Bad news arrives when Kahn learns Atlanta, with the 27th pick, intends to take him. That means the only two options are Sacramento at 25 and Philadelphia at 26, with time running out.

Just when all appears lost, the phone rings, and the urgency in Kahn's voice instantly silences the room.

''Yes, we want it,'' he says, ''we absolutely want it.''

The Hawks have called, and the 27th pick is on the table. The Pacers have offered a future first-round pick, protected against the lottery.

Chicago is also on the phone, offering the 30th pick, the first in the second round. There is a chance the Pacers could still get Tinsley there, but as the seconds tick off the clock, Walsh makes the snap decision.

''We want the kid,'' he says. ''Do the deal.''  

Read the whole thing for an interesting look back in time now that we know the rest of the story. Beware, though, even with Tinsley off the roster, you still may want to sleep with a light on tonight.