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IC Cold Links: The Latest A.J. Price News; More Doomsday Season Previews

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A.J. Price is the final piece added to the Indiana Pacers pre-season roster, but there wasn't too much buzz about it around the world wide web.

The details of the multi-year deal won't be disclosed until later, so it's hard to dissect exactly how great or bad the deal is for Price and the Pacers. Of course, one of the most recent occurrences when the Pacers announced something was a multi-year contract, turned out to be only a one-year deal with Earl Watson. So there are options here. Here are your links to A.J. Price, more season previews and Twitter after the jump.

  • The IndyStar puts together a small brief on the signing of Price. For the Associated Press' story on the signing, visit 1070 The Fan.
  • Newsday came through with the local angle of the former high school legend signing with the Pacers. Writer Corey McLaughlin interviewed Price's Amityville High School coach, Jack Agostino, who had plenty of praise for the second-round draft pick from UConn. Agostino said:

"I'm just really happy for him. The kid has been through a lot in his life and he stayed the course. He gutted it out and now he's where he wants to be, in the NBA. I'm so proud of him. The thing is, he stays humble. He'll call or stop by the school and everything is normal, like he's still in high school."

  • Who wants another 09-10 season preview that dismantles everything the Pacers did this summer and expects Armageddon-like doom for the squad? Raise those hands high, now. Here's your latest dose courtesy of TSN's Tim Chisholm as he asks whether the Pacers are a playoff team and his answer is definite: no. Although it's not the preview anyone wants to hear, it's well-researched and written so I recommend it.
  • The Indianapolis CIB is back in the news and this story in the IndyStar mentions that the CIB will be entering negotiations with the Pacers soon about paying the operating costs for Conseco Fieldhouse.
  • T.J. Ford, this story is directed at you and your Twitter page. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports writes that the NBA is preparing its own Twitter guidelines and other social media restrictions. Unlike the NFL, however, the commish stated that the guidelines will be "nothing too serious."