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IC Cold Links: New Players Struggle With Pacers Offense; Fever To The Finals

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After a single four-hour practice on Saturday, the Indiana Pacers season is officially underway and the earliest reports from the Indianapolis media is that things went well -- except that the new players acted as if they were auditioning for a part in Cast Away. The newbies were lost on their own little islands as they tried to grasp the concepts of coach Jim O'Brien's offense, but who cares as long as they understand defense, right?

But they aren't expected to be perfect on their opening day together and the growing pains will continue as the Pacers prepare for a month-long preseason that sends them across the globe and back before tipping things off on Oct. 28 at the Heat.

So check out some links after the jump that discuss Jeff Foster's love for his face mask, team president Larry Bird's assist to the Indiana Fever, as well as the eerie similarities between Tyler Hansbrough and Tim Tebow.