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Pacers Media Day, One I'll Never Forget

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Happy media day everybody! OK, I guess it's media night now, but I can't let the day pass without comment. This will be a memorable media day for me, although not for anything that happened down at the Fieldhouse but instead for what happened on my way to the Fieldhouse. I excitedly hopped in the car this morning to head down to the Fieldhouse, but just as I turned out of my office complex a car heading the other way cut through the turn lane and then drilled me head-on. Freaky.

I suddenly felt like T.J. Ford after taking a charge from Shaq. One of the thousands of thoughts that flashed through my mind while absorbing the hit was, I hope they can reschedule the media event so I don't miss it. Once the car came to a stop and reality kicked in, the wrinkled hood obstructing my view and the throbbing pain in my neck brought about the realization that the media day show would be going on without me this year.

Then after stepping out of the car to get my bearings and assess the damage, the clouds opened up and began pouring rain. Within two minutes, a day that began full of renewed hope and excitement quickly turned into a painful, soggy, insurance-infested disaster. Fortunately, it appears all of the soreness is muscular which I'll be able to treat with ibuprofen and Miller Lite. So spare your concern for someone who really needs it.

I refuse to believe my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day was an omen for a painful Pacers season. It was just a bad day for me. Plus, after checking out all of the great coverage from the Fieldhouse, there remains plenty to be excited about as the Pacers begin practice tomorrow morning. Also, a huge "thank you" to Sean for pinch hitting on the fly to make sure there was some coverage around here today. He da' man!

After the jump, check out a few videos from the event today including some info on big Roy Hibbert's little dog. 

Highlights from JOB's Q&A:


Highlights from Danny Granger's Q&A:


MG and Eddie from 1070 The Fan lighten up the mood as they talk to several Pacers: