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Pacers Players Chat It Up With Fans

In a day that was supposed to be only for the media, the fans got a chance to go one-on-one with each Indiana Pacers player during a live chat on Friday to commemorate the start of the 09-10 season.

The chats immediately followed a press conference with coach Jim O'Brien and forward Danny Granger. None of the players stayed too long or had any amazing revelations about the upcoming season, but it was a lighthearted affair with more info on the Bat Cave, rookie pranks and facial hair.

After the jump are some of the highlights from the long chat with Pacers fans.

Dahntay Jones
(on what fans can expect): "You can expect us to compete on a nightly basis; a commitment to defense. With the intentions of making a big playoff run."
(about his offense): "I plan to get out on the break, score in transition. We play an up-tempo type of game; we don't run many sets -- we'll just try to get out and score early buckets."

Travis Diener
(on having a bigger role with the team): "I don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait until Training Camp and practice, and well see how it goes. Hopefully my role is bigger and we can win some games and get the fans excited."

Danny Granger
(on keeping his composure in late-game situations): "I think that I have always had a pretty level head, so that helps me keep my composure in tough situations and when things aren't going well. I keep grounded since we haven't had the most team success and I'm measured by the team success."
(on the much-ballyhooed "Bat Cave"): "We're working ways around it to try to figure out how we can accomplish what I want. Whatever the outcome, it will be very cool to see. Look for it on MTV Cribs when it comes out."

Luther Head
(on his recovery from injury): "I've been working all summer on injury-prevention and it's coming along great. I wouldn't say I"m 100% now, but each day I feel better and by the start of the season, I hope to be at 100%."

Earl Watson
(on playing the "1" or "2" position): "I don't know, it changes. Whatever position I have to play. I played a lot of 2 with Gary Payton my rookie year. Under Hubie Brown at Memphis, I played strictly 1. I have to adjust based on the team's strategy."

Brandon Rush
(on taking the big shots): "I would like to be able to take those big shots as well. I understand with Danny and TJ being the biggest playmakers on the team, that they may get those shots. If the opportunity comes around, I would be willing to take those shots."
(on rookie pranks): "The one I hated the most was getting everyone McDonald's and donuts before every practice and game. They did do something to my car -- they put feces in my car. It smelled horrible."

Josh McRoberts
(on when the beard will return): "The beard will make an appearance around Christmas time. I'll mainly do it to keep it interesting around the lockerroom."

A.J. Price
(on personal expectations): "Earn playing time, somehow get myself into the rotation, show everyone who passed on me in the draft that I belong here."

Jeff Foster
(on team expectations): "For us to be a successful team this year, everybody is going to have to buy in to defense."

Troy Murphy
(on his summer workout): "I've really worked on my conditioning this off-season and my diet. I've tried to come into camp in great shape."

Roy Hibbert
(on fouling): "I was in the wrong place at the wrong time sometimes. I've definitely been working on my defense trying to limit those fouls."

Solomon Jones
(on what pumps him up): "Defense, blocking shots, getting big key rebounds. Those things gets me and my teammates pumped up. I figure when we do that, our offense will take care of itself and then get us fired up on the offensive end."
(how he spent the summer): "I spent my summer mostly working out, trying to improve in every area of my game - both offensively and defensively. My transition has been pretty smooth thus far and hopefully it will continue with the help of the Pacers family and Pacers fans."

Tyler Hansbrough
(on Summer League): "Summer league was a learning opportunity for me to get a feel how Coach O'Brien likes to run the offense/defense, so I had a chance to get a feel for how the Pacers do things. Hopefully I'll be able to carry over some of the success from the Summer League into the regular season."

Mike Dunleavy
(on bringing back the mustache): "It doesn't appear likely, but I'm sure there will be some sort of facial hair anomaly."