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Dunleavy Not Ready For Games But Ready For Camp; Granger Ready To Play Defense

The Pacers Foundation had their golf outing at Brickyard Crossing on Tuesday. Kravitz & Eddie were on hand to interview some of the players in between analyzing Peyton Manning's latest heroics. After the jump, I captured some of the  highlights from the interviews with Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, Roy Hibbert and Brandon Rush.

Danny Granger - Granger discusses his role as the face of the Pacers. He feels it's a great honor and responsibility but it really means nothing unless they do something great with the franchise.  More importantly, his workouts this summer focused on getting in ridiculous shape and strengthening his lower body to make sure he's ready to expend more energy at the defensive end. Granger also discussed the players' 24/7 health care plan (which he took advantage of after crushing his front teeth last year) along with his batcave dream home. The hidden entrance will include underground tunnels to different rooms in the house and his car will rise up into the entertainment room to spin under a glass case. Nice.

Mike Dunleavy- Rehab is going well but Dunleavy wouldn't commit to a date for his full return but did mention he will have to work on his bench attire for the trip to China since he won't be playing in those games. He does plan to participate in training camp and hopes to return early in the season. Dunleavy is also ready to give former Tar Heel, Tyler Hansbroughthe rookie treatment. With all of the Dukies on the team, Dunleavy thinks we'll be hearing Hansbrough sing the Duke fight song at least once this season.
Roy Hibbert - Hibbert appears ready to take the town by storm, at least as a personality. Big Roy talked a little trash about taking down Slick Leonard in a tennis challenge. He still needs to collect on his summer league fouls per minute wagers with Jeff Foster. Later in the day Hibbert apparently drove over a cardboard cutout of himself with a golf cart. Kravitz mentioned that the cardboard Roy kind of moved like the real Roy. Zinger.
Brandon Rush - Rush is feeling great and ready to expand his role with the Pacers. Eddie White was able to get Rush to admit that of all the cities in the NBA Indy wasn't real high on his list but he enjoys playing for the organization. They guy always sounds like he's in a race to finish the interview.
Check out the full interviews at Kravitz & Eddie's podcast page.