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Dunleavy Works Past Knee Pain; Luther Head Ready To Defend

Here are a few links of interest while watching the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football:

  • After a mild freakout, getting back on track
    Mike Dunleavy updates us on his trip to watch the Packers and U2 and oh, his REPAIRED KNEE FLARING UP OUT OF THE BLUE! Apparently this is normal and neither he nor the training staff is concerned although this type of episode may occur again. Just a little something to add to your expectations formula for Dun's comeback season.
    If my recovery was a stock, Gordon Gekko would be all over it. To go through six months of rehab and not have one hiccup has been somewhat miraculous. So you can see why this little episode would scare me right now.

    I was freaking out. Our medical staff, however, assured me that it was totally OK and that I may have some more bumps in the road. Once I started feeling better I calmed down and put it behind me. I guess I'll be a little more ready next time.
  • Head hopes to bounce back from lost season
    Bruno's latest Caught in the Web finds Luther Head excited to put his disappointing 2008-09 season behind him and ready to revive his career with the Pacers. Can't say that I recall Head's defensive prowess but he read the memo: Pacers are placing an emphasis on defense this year.
    "That's my role," he said. "I look at that more than anything. I take pride in my defense and that's where I think I can really help the team. ...

    "I think defense is what will get me on the court. I'm not looking for a lot of shots because they've got plenty of guys who can score. I'm going to try to earn my minutes with defense. That's going to be my focus and that's how I'll try to earn whatever playing time I can get."
  • Let's start ranking 'em : NBA's top 10 small forwards
    John Galinsky ranks his top 10 small forwards and slots Danny Granger at number six. At this point in time, there's only two players on that list I would swap for Granger.
  • Thirty years after historic tryout, Meyers looks back
    As Bruno mentioned, here is Scott Howard-Cooper's look back 30 years to the tryout the Pacers offered Ann Meyers. Hmm, I wonder if Katie Douglas might try to sneak into camp next week. Douglas and the Indiana Fever are in the WNBA Eastern Conference finals against the Detroit Shock.